5 Natural Cough Remedies That Can Be Found in the Kitchen, Make It Cure Faster

Coughing is a disease that can affect anyone, both children and adults. This disease often interferes with daily activities, so it must be treated immediately.

5 Natural Cough Remedies That Can Be Found in the Kitchen, Make It Cure Faster

There are two types of mild cough that is often experienced by many people, namely dry cough accompanied by itching in the throat and cough with phlegm. Of the two types, there are several different cough medicines.

Cough medicine is easily found anywhere, both at the pharmacy, and at the nearest minimarket. But most are drugs that contain chemicals.

No need to worry, you can also mix natural cough medicines using only simple ingredients that can be found in the kitchen. Of course, natural ingredients will provide more benefits for your body.

Making cough medicine from traditional ingredients is very easy. Besides effective coughing quickly, also without causing side effects because it uses natural ingredients.

The following are ingredients that can be used as natural cough medicines without causing side effects.

1. Natural Cough Medicine: Garlic and Shallots
You can eat them raw along with vegetables when eating so they don’t get nauseous because of the smell. You can also process it as juice.

Even though it doesn’t taste good, these two kitchen ingredients are powerful enough to deal with a dry cough quickly.

2. Natural Cough Medicine: Ginger and Honey
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Ginger is one of the plants that is rich in health benefits for the human body, including being a natural cough medicine. Many pharmaceutical products use ginger as the main ingredient.

Ginger is also often used as a body warmer drink and is able to minimize nausea due to colds.

In addition, ginger is useful for relieving dry cough and phlegm and itching. You can drink ginger cooking water and mix it with natural sweeteners, like honey.

3. Natural Cough Medicine: Lemon and Lime
Lemon and lime become one of the fruits that are often used as cough medicines. Both of these ingredients contain high vitamin C and are antibacterial.

The content of lemon and lime is able to eradicate the bacteria in the body that causes itchy throat.

You can take the juice of lemon and lime juice mixed with one tablespoon of honey or soy sauce. Then leave it to eradicate throat bacteria. After 5 minutes, drink water to shed it.
4. Natural Cough Medicines: Turmeric and Salt
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Turmeric and salt are certainly very easy to find in your kitchen. You can use both of these ingredients as medicine if you have a cough, especially phlegm.

The content of antibiotics in turmeric can overcome the inflammation in the respiratory tract. You have to grate a few pieces of turmeric, then squeeze and take the liquid. After that, mix with one teaspoon of salt.
5. Natural Cough Medicine: Tamarind and Brown Sugar
Benefits of tamarind.
Kitchen ingredients that can be used as an alternative to natural cough medicines are tamarind and brown sugar. Both have properties to relieve itching in the throat.

Mix tamarind with brown sugar and a glass of warm water. Then drink it in a lukewarm state. It aims to kill bacteria in the throat thanks to the content that is in tamarind.

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