7 Natural Ingredients Treat Toothache

Toothache is excruciating. Not only interferes with daily activities, toothache can also cause more severe illness even to the nerves of the brain.

7 Natural Ingredients Treat Toothache

Toothache there are many types, but the majority are caused by cavities. If you don’t like using manufacturer’s medicines to relieve toothache, you can use natural ingredients. For example like the following.

1. Pepper

Pepper is not only a kitchen ingredient but also able to cope with toothache pain. Add pepper and salt to warm water to taste until it becomes a paste. Then stick it to cavities for 15 minutes.

2. Shallots

Shallots have antimicrobial and antiseptic ingredients that can suppress bacteria in the mouth. Chew onion in the mouth until the pain subsides.

3. Lime

Lime has many benefits. Gargle with lime juice to relieve pain in the mouth.

4. Avocado seeds

Do not throw the alpukan seeds because they have many benefits. One of them to treat toothache. The trick, clean the avocado seeds then mash until smooth and powdery. Put the powder into cavities and wait for 15 minutes then rinse.

5. Guava leaves

How to use guava leaves to treat toothache is to calm it. After becoming a fine powder, apply to the problematic teeth.

6. Cayenne

Contains capsaicin compounds that can relieve pain. Dissolve cayenne pepper in warm water then pour into cotton. After that squeezed in the cavity area.

The use of natural ingredients as a toothache medicine certainly takes a long time and is not practical. An effective way to deal with toothache is to prevent it before it’s too late.

You can maintain oral health by diligently brushing your teeth. Do it before going to bed and after eating to clean up food scraps and suppress the growth of bacteria that cause cavities.

To be more optimal, use toothpaste that is not only able to clean teeth but also nourish the oral cavity, namely by optimizing the function of saliva as a natural cleanser of the oral cavity.

The criteria for this toothpaste are in Classic Mild Enzyme. This toothpaste is made with a soft taste. Contains enzymes and proteins that function to strengthen the action of natural proteins in saliva.

Effective to help speed the healing of thrush, reduce bad breath and prevent cavities.

In all variants of enzyme toothpaste products there are enzymes containing amyloglucosidase, glucose-oxidase and lactoperoxidase. The three components of the enzyme will blend with saliva and play a role in the formation of hypothyocyanates.

Hypothocyanates function to inhibit bacterial proliferation. If the bacteria can be controlled breeding (bacteriostatic), it will be free from various oral diseases such as mouth sores, cavities, bleeding gums, bad breath.

Enzyme Friends, protect your teeth from the bacteria that cause cavities with Classic Mild Enzyme. Because health is a need, not a choice.

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