List of baby medicines that need to be taken while going home

Moms, baby gear is one of the things that you must prepare to be brought home before Lebaran. In addition to clothes, diapers, breastfeeding equipment and foods, you should not forget about bringing baby medicines. Prepare a complete type of medicine to anticipate when he experiences pain such as colds, fever, stomach ache, falls and others. Because you have brought medicine, then you can provide first aid first.

List of baby medicines that need to be taken while going home

Actually, baby medicines that are taken when going home are just the same as those needed daily. It’s just that you don’t need to bring the medicine box. To be more practical, put it in a container that is easily carried everywhere. Well, as for the list of medicines that must be taken when going home, namely:

1) Fever Medication.
There are 2 types of fever medication that must be prepared while traveling, namely acetaminophen or paracetamol and ibuprofen.

2) Antihistamine cream to treat insect bites and some traditional oils such as wasp oil, telon oil and eucalyptus oil.

3) Medicine for wounds and swelling.
As preparation for the Little Injury and formed, bring equipment such as plasters of various sizes, bandages, antiseptic liquids and cotton.

4) Digital thermometer to measure children’s body temperature.

5) Small spoon or cup to give syrup medicine to children. (Meiskhe / HH / dok.Freepik)

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