The cause of the mouth feels bitter when sick

When the body is unwell, the mouth and tongue usually feel bitter. As a result, delicious food served at the dinner table will pass you by because it feels bitter when chewing it. In fact, food intake is crucial for the healing process.

The cause of the mouth feels bitter when sick

Have you ever wondered why our taste buds suddenly turn bitter when they are sick. It turns out that in addition to drugs, many factors become the trigger. Anything?

1. Condition of teeth and mouth

Mouth that is rarely cleaned will be filled with bacteria and germs. This condition can also occur when we are sick.

2. Taking drugs

The cause of bitter mouth can be caused by taking drugs. For example, such as anti-thyroid, zinc preparations (zinc), antibiotics, and other nerve drugs.

3. Reduced saliva production

Pain is usually accompanied by reduced saliva production. Minimal saliva will cause bacterial growth so the tongue feels bitter.

4. The disruption of the sense of smell

Impaired sense of smell will affect other senses such as taste. Disturbed sense of taste will cause the tongue to feel bitter.

5. Stomach acid disease

Gastric acid or ulcers can cause the tongue to feel bitter. Worse yet, stomach acid causes symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

There are many ways to overcome the tongue feels bitter, Friends of Dream. You do this by increasing the consumption of fruits, especially oranges and lemons. This fruit can stimulate the production of saliva in the mouth.

Drinking lots of water can also increase saliva production. Why is saliva so important? Because saliva turns out to act as a natural cleanser that can suppress bacterial growth.

If you have eaten fruits and drink regularly but your tongue still feels bitter, maybe the problem is in your toothpaste. Choose toothpaste that is free of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), a type of detergent to produce foam.

The detergent in toothpaste turns out to make the mouth dry. Unfortunately, many toothpastes on the market use this detergent. For this reason, you must carefully choose toothpaste.

Choose Freshmint Enzyme which is made with mint flavor. This toothpaste contains five active enzymes that help protect saliva by controlling the balance of bacteria in the mouth.

Enzymes help prevent cavities and gum problems, keeping your teeth and oral cavity clean.

Because it does not use detergents, the Freshmint enzyme is used in a dry way. You don’t need to wet the brush and rinse before brushing your teeth. Just do brush your teeth for two minutes, after that you can rinse your mouth.

Let’s overcome the bitter mouth when sick with the Freshmint Enzyme.

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