Traditional Fever-Reducing Medicines

As a mother, Moms will certainly feel very anxious when your toddler is affected by a disease, no matter how small the disease he is suffering from. When your child has a fever, for example, many Moms immediately panic. In fact, fever is not a disease, but rather the body’s response to a symptom of a certain disease, such as being infected with a bacterial or viral infection.

Traditional Fever-Reducing Medicines

Fever itself is a condition where body temperature rises past normal limits. A child has a fever if his body temperature reaches 37.5 degrees Celsius or more. You can detect it by touching the little body parts, for example the child’s body feels warmer than usual when you touch your forehead.

And as a first aid step, Moms will usually provide chemical-based heat-lowering drugs, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to reduce your child’s fever. In fact, if a natural toddler still includes a low-grade fever (37.5-38.5 degrees Celsius), it helps you not immediately give your child a fever-lowering medication.


Instead, you can try giving natural fever-lowering drugs, which are traditional medicines from medicinal plants. Besides being safer and having no side effects if used correctly, this traditional medicine is cheap and you can make it easily at home. Here are some medicinal plants that you can use for traditional medicines to reduce fever in children, Moms.

1. Ginger
Besides being useful to relieve nausea, cough and runny nose, ginger is also effective for reducing heat. Moms can process ginger to reduce children’s fever by flattening or flaking it, then boiling it with water. If necessary, Moms can add honey to the ginger cooking water to give a sweet taste so that the Little One wants to drink it.

2. Turmeric
Turmeric contains curcumin which functions as an antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral so that it can relieve fever. The way to make the mixture is to grate 3-4 turmeric sticks and add hot water, then let it cool. Then squeeze and take the water. You can mix it with lime juice and honey to taste.

Apart from being drunk, Moms can also pound turmeric and use it to compress the baby’s forehead or stomach to reduce fever.


3. Shallots
Shallots are often used for fever-reducing drugs. How to use it is very simple and easy, Moms. The trick, peel a few grains of onion, grated or mashed, and mix with essential oil or coconut oil, then smeared into the body of the child. One thing to note, your child will probably feel uncomfortable due to the smell caused by this onion.

4. Gotu kola
This herbal plant is believed to have many benefits for health and beauty. Its content serves to reduce heat, revitalize the body, and strengthen the structure of body tissues. How to process it for fever-reducing drugs is to boil it and drink the cooking water.

5. Young Coconut Water
Although there are no studies or studies on the benefits of young head water for fever-lowering drugs, many people believe in its efficacy to relieve fever. This is thought to be because young coconut water has the benefit of replacing body fluids when we have a fever. Although young coconut water is very good, Moms still need to pay attention to Little to consume lots of water when running a fever. (M & B / SW / Doc. Freepik)

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